Hip-Hop Better Asthma Control© materials are fun and innovative, using a combination of education and entertainment (edutainment) to engage children and address pediatric asthma management.

Hip-Hop to Better Asthma Control© materials were developed using focus groups, evaluated and proven effective in increasing asthma knowledge. Materials are based on the Health Belief Model, focusing on the child’s perception of the potential threat uncontrolled asthma creates, and the appraisal of recommended behavior(s) for managing asthma.

Hip-Hop to Better Asthma Control© materials reinforce learning through a novel design, including:
  • Characters that reflect target audiences
  • Creative topic introduction
  • Lessons using “hip-hop” lyrics
  • Fun reinforcement activities!


Hip-Hop to Better Asthma Control©, the related Compact Disk (CD) and other health education materials from the B.E.A.T. for Health Children’s Hip-Hop Health Series integrate Hip-Hop culture (youth popular culture) into health education material and program design.

Hip-Hop to Better Asthma Control© materials target children ages 6 and above, and are recommended for children, parents, asthma educators, clinicians, teachers, health insurers, Medicaid managed care organizations, and anyone with the need to educate children about asthma.

External influences affect behavior through cognitive processes, and
symbols (i.e. mental pictures, words, lyrics) serve as a mechanism for
thought. Hip-Hop to Better Asthma Control© materials use hip-hop lyrics
to engage children and promote asthma management. Children view
materials as fun, and often do not realize that they are actively learning
until they participate in the reinforcement activities and are amazed at how
well they score. This provides them with a sense of accomplishment,
encourages them to move forward to the next topic of discussion and
facilitates an increase in self-efficacy as it relates to their role in their own
asthma management.



“This workbook is excellent! It makes a lot of sense to use music like this to teach about asthma. They remember everything they hear on the radio, so why not do the same to teach about asthma? This was a great class!”
Collegiate Academy Participant (Parent) – Washington, DC

“The hip-hop asthma class was incredible! It showed me what asthma can do and how I can take good care of myself. I liked the characters, especially Tia, because she’s the same age as me.
Collegiate Academy Participant (Child) – Washington, DC

“This was the most fun we’ve ever had learning about asthma. That’s why we stopped coming to the asthma classes, ‘cause they teach the same old stuff..yall need to put this (program) in the schools!”
CFHC Participant (Parent) -Washington, DC

“Can I have some more books to give to my nephews in Atlanta? They really need this!”
CFHC Participant (Parent) -Washington, DC

“We (parents) had just as much fun as the kids.”
CFHC Participant (Parent) -Washington, DC

“I didn’t know some of this stuff, I thought I knew, but this was really good. I’m glad we came.”
CFHC Participant (Parent) -Washington, DC

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